Susan Cahalan, PG, ISSP-SA, ALM


Ms. Cahalan is a geologist (PG), sustainability educator, project manager, and environmental scientist with more than 20 years of expertise in leading and conducting a full range of geological and environmental projects. She focuses on sustainability, assessment and remediation, NEPA, SAP, COP, EIA, G&G, EIS, Superfund, Brownfields, renewable energy (wind, geothermal and solar), groundwater resources, hazardous waste, health & safety and building sciences. Provide analysis of renewable energy, resiliency assessment, remediation, impact and risk assessments across federal, energy, real estate, consulting, and public sectors. Sustainability experience includes renewable energy analyses, water resource assessment, climate change mitigation and carbon accounting.

Additional expertise in assessment of environmental impacts for any energy generation and industrial activity, relying in science and technical information to transform intangible qualitative social information into objective quantitative metrics that help to drive policies to enhance sustainability and human and ecological health protection.

In past roles as a senior project manager, responsible for the design, execution and management of numerous multidisciplinary environmental studies and investigations in support of USEPA CERCLA and RCRA Sites and several state, federal and military agencies. Provided senior technical support for subsurface geology and hydrogeological investigations, coastal environmental impact studies and permitting. Oil and gas experience include carbonate petrographic analysis and resource assessment.

Concurrently, she has nine years of experience as a lead graduate teaching assistant in the Sustainability and Environmental Management program at Harvard University. Currently develop environmental frameworks for impact assessments and sustainability plans for higher education through the Center for Health and Global Environment at Harvard School of Public Health.

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