CHANGE Environmental Annual Year End Newsletter

Message from the Founder and CEO, Timothy R. McAuley, MS, PHD

We recognize that 2021 remained a difficult year for so many with still so many uncertainties around COVID-19 that has continued since the start of the pandemic in March 2020. With the development and availability of vaccines the world has become better adapted to forge new paths for success and dealing with continued impacts of COVID-19.

CHANGE Environmental, LLC since the start of the pandemic has been proud to support all our clients domestically and internationally through our highly respected Environmental Epidemiology program to help companies and those communities navigate the pandemic and find resolutions via our expertise and experience that provide solutions to all their needs for COVID-19 management. Our work has helped demonstrate that we are stronger working together that has yielded a much more resilient and positive global impact.

At CHANGE Environmental, LLC we continue each year to bring our teams experience and expertise to a large and diverse environmental portfolio of clients dealing with a variety of environmental issues seeking technical and solution driven approaches to deal with those concerns.

On behalf of our full team, we are very proud to be a relied upon resource recognized globally for providing cutting edge professional environmental consulting. We appreciate and recognize that all our clients are unique and rely on our team for supporting their needs that is comprehensive and thorough while most importantly bringing solutions, clarity, and direction for future success!

For more information on all of our projects ongoing and/or completed across various environmental issues, please contact CHANGE Environmental, LLC leadership by reaching out to Sarah L. Siver, President at [email protected] or Timothy R. McAuley, Founder & CEO at [email protected]

CHANGE Environmental, LLC Company Highlights

This year has been exciting for the CHANGE family consisting of yearly continued growth across domestic and global environmental markets, working with clients on planning and implementation of novel innovative strategies for a more streamlined environmental program. CHANGE has been leading several strategic programs and consulting platforms around COVID management, disease tracking, infectious disease consulting and other issues with existing and new clients by helping migrate through these challenging issues. We also have been focused on development and design for expanding our global practices into new areas through newly formed relationships. From this work has resulted in several accolades that we are proud of, and we thank everyone for the nominations for all we have been honored with. Of many proud accolades below are some highlights from 2021. For additional information provided herein this section, please contact CHANGE Environmental, LLC.

  1. CHANGE retained for supporting dozens of organizations and legal firms across the United States for assistance in Covid-19 tracking, modeling and mitigation of future outbreak risk management strategies.
  2. CHANGE received 2 small business awards for stewardship, environmental leadership, and environmental entrepreneurship, recognizing our team as a “leading environmental company yielding substantial impacts on all the communities to which they serve.”
  3. CHANGE lauded for continued leadership and consulting on Climate Control by supporting several domestic and global companies to reduce and mitigate their global carbon footprint. This includes being retained by several companies for carrying out detailed GHG impact assessments and bringing new and innovative technologies for large GHG reduction strategies. This has yielded significant financial returns to where our clients from our work and experience have been able to reinvest into their companies for new expansion and growth while reducing their overall GHG impact.

CHANGE Environmental, LLC Project Highlights

Throughout the year of 2021 we have been immensely proud to have supported many projects and initiatives that ranged from professional pro bono consulting to startup companies as well as supporting Fortune 100 companies. The diversity of our project portfolio and client base around our expert environmental services our full network recognizing our diligence, loyalty to excellence to all CHANGE clients. Whether new or existing our clients benefit from our top tier strategic leadership, guidance, and comprehensive scientific consulting. Of the several dozens of projects carried out and or still ongoing below are some examples highlighted to show diversity of our client base while illustrating our experience and expertise in providing solutions across different sectors dealing with varying environmental impacts.

  1. Keystone Shipping CHANGE contracted to assist their team on carrying out a comprehensive assessment around ballast waste and identification of potential chemical constituents. Testing and assessing 6 boats of the Great Lakes Fleet.
  2. Quinn Emanuel Law Firm CHANGE Environmental, LLC provided direct expert consulting and witness support related to COVID-19 through tracking, modeling, statistical analysis, and exposure assessment protocol development. Work included detailed understanding and knowledge of various local, state, and federal tracking databases that included The Centers for Disease Control, United Bureau of Labor Statistics, and World Health Organization. Efforts continue related to Delta and Omicron variants.
  3. East Hampton Airport Air Quality Assessment CHANGE Environmental, LLC assessed a potential air quality impact of operations at East Hampton Airport (International Air Transport Association airport code: HTO). HTO is a public use, general aviation airport located just west of the town East Hampton, in Suffolk County, New York. The airport is owned and operated by the Town of East Hampton. The purpose of the assessment was to evaluate whether the airport’s aircraft operations significantly impact local air quality such that additional emissions control measures or air quality studies should be considered. For this assessment, CHANGE evaluated emissions from the following aircraft operations at the airport: aircraft engines, auxiliary power units and ground support equipment. Other emissions sources at the airport, to the extent they exist, are not expected to significantly contribute to the airport’s emissions inventory. For the local air quality, consistent with the 2017 National Emissions Inventory (2017 NEI), CHANGE evaluated emissions from on-road vehicles traveling on major local roadways as a surrogate for air quality impacts from the most significant emission sources in East Hampton area.
  4. Client: Cat Canyon Resources CHANGE Environmental, LLC has continued to provide carbon support for the assessment of GHG mitigation strategies and tax credits associated per ton of carbon reduced through their on-site steam generators that currently produce roughly 40,000 MM tons of CO2 per year. We have identified cutting edge climate impact technologies and are currently working on developing the final stages to implement these technologies that will reduce their carbon footprint by over 50% and will yield returns under the California Low Carbon Fuel Standard Credit and 45Q IRS Tax Credit of roughly 7 million per year for 10 years and will eliminate Cat Canyon from having to purchase credits to account for their current exceedances of total allowable CO2 per year.
  5. Client: PHYCO2 CHANGE Environmental, LLC is working closely with a specialized group called PHYCO2 that has produced a cutting-edge climate change mitigation technology via the use of algae for carbon sequestration and absorption that has been shown to mitigate nearly 100% of all CO2 from gas streams in various studies and trials. Our expertise and experience add value to this technology as it also qualifies for various CO2 reduction strategy and technology tax credits.
  6. Large Facility BACT Permitting Review CHANGE Environmental, LLC & the Environmental Integrity Project (EIP) carried out a detailed review of the documents including providing several detailed comments regarding the permit. The client was concerned about the analysis of the Best Achievable Control Technology (BACT) and atmospheric modeling protocol (and expected under the protocol) in Nucor’s Title V permit application, and requested CHANGE to evaluate their validity, along with a general review of related Title V application contents.
  7. Well Water Testing at Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge. CHANGE Environmental, LLC completed well water testing at the Great Dismal Swamp National Wildlife Refuge (NWR) for the U. S. Fish and Wildlife Service (FWS), Division of Contracting and FA. Samples were collected of three drinking water wells located at the site and water quality testing was performed to determine if water produced from the wells met the EPA National Primary and Secondary Drinking Water Regulations. CHANGE provided an expert report of all laboratory results carried out across dozens of contaminants tested to ensure that all MCL’s were in compliance with USEPA primary and secondary water standards.

As the founder of CHANGE Environmental I would like to extend from our entire team our gratitude to all our clients for choosing our expert professional environmental consulting services.

We are honored to continue serving our clients in communities both locally and globally in these difficult times!