Ammonia Impacts on Indoor Air Quality and Human Health Effects

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New Jersey, US

CHANGE Environmental was retained to provide consulting and Air Sampling and Bulk Sampling on a concern of Ammonia in a private residence in NJ.

An excessive amount of Feline Urine within the residence from a previous owner was the main cause of concern leading to the elevated levels of Ammonia in the residence thereby yielding excessive exposures of ammonia to the current owners of the residence.

A strategic sampling plan for air sampling and Bulk sampling was constructed to ensure a robust assessment was carried out. CHANGE collected Air and Bulk Samples from various levels of the residential property and had all samples analyzed for Ammonia by an independent laboratory. Levels of ammonia were found to be highly dangerous from the bulk samples that was still off gassing ammonia given the level of saturation.

Our expertise was able to identify and confirm through working with a laboratory on conducting composite sampling of the bulk sample to ensure that all results were representative across all material tested.