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Designed and implemented a fugitive emission monitoring program, including: personal dust monitors, recording instrument perimeter monitoring (including real-time dust sampling), on-site X-Ray Fluorescence analysis of soils, meteorological monitoring, and daily reporting. The health and safety advisory (HASA) was developed and supported the clients Health and Safety Plan to inform the workers involved with site preparation of the site history and potential hazards associated with residues of agricultural pesticides. It outlined potential routes of worker exposure, recommended industrial and personal hygiene procedures to reduce exposure, summarized the monitoring and sampling procedures to be used, and provided health and safety information about the residual pesticides. Post grading topsoil samples were analyzed by a DEP-certified commercial laboratory, and the resulting data were analyzed following DEP risk characterization procedures to demonstrate a level of no significant risk. The environmental management and monitoring approach enabled the client to successfully meet all City and State requirements, respond to unplanned issues arising from an unseasonably wet construction schedule, address the many concerns of the public associated with development and dust emissions, and work with municipal officials to keep construction on schedule by demonstrating safe and efficient management of soil and dust emissions