Commonwealth of Massachusetts Sustainability Pollution Prevention Plan for Army National Guard

Expertise: Sustainability and Climate ChangeIndustry: Government

Massachusetts, US

CHANGE Environmental provided professional consulting and formatted guidelines and resources for the procurement, tracking, and documentation of green and sustainable products under a documented plan for the Massachusetts Army National Guard, MAARNG.

MAARNG contracted CHANGE to provide direct expertise to assist in better tracking and understanding of its purchases of green and sustainable products including the percent of recycled materials within those products. MAARNG routinely purchases and uses materials with recycled content, such as motor oil, paper products, plastics, and metals; but did not have a system in place to track those purchases pursuant to RCRA section 6002 and the CFR.

CHANGE provided the critical deliverable and sustainability plan that will going forward be a set of guidelines for them to follow to ensure they are continuing a sustainable path under while assisting in improving in real time their sustainability operations for their needed Pollution Prevention Plan.