Delaware Riverkeeper (DRN)

Expertise: Local, State, & Federal Environmental ComplianceIndustry: Environmental

Pennsylvania, United States

Deleware River

DRN had commissioned CHANGE to carry out an expert evaluation of the impacts of Governor Corbett’s Executive Order (2014-03): Leasing of State Forest and State Park Land for Oil and Gas Development. This team of experts fully assessed, identified, and articulated the harms that can and most certainly will result from this executive order. This analysis focused on forest impacts, groundwater and surface water, air impacts, public health concerns, and other relevant issues related to oil and gas exploration activities. A white paper report was developed for public release and was used to inform public discussion over the matter. This assessment helped to inform decisions regarding shale gas development and its infrastructure within the watershed as well as within other communities that would/do bear similar ramifications from the proliferation of the industry. This assessment had also informed public discussion over the concept of forced pooling, whereby landowners would be mandated to allow drilling under their private lands from well pads on neighboring sites.