EPA REPA 1, 2, 3, and 4 Zone 2 Contracts

Expertise: Environmental EngineeringIndustry: Government

United States

Responsible for providing RCRA support for a range of technical issues related to hazardous waste management and resource conservation. This work included technical support for the preparation and/ or review of RCRA facility assessments, Part B permit applications, draft hazardous and solid waste amendment permits, closure plans and associated cost estimates, RCRA facility investigation work plans and reports, interim measures work plans and reports, corrective measures studies, feasibility studies, human health and ecological risk assessments, vapor intrusion assessments, environmental impact studies, draft operating and corrective action permits, fact sheets, statements of basis, operations and maintenance reports, training courses and guidance documents (including the Compliance Evaluation Inspection Field Manual, Subpart X Permitting and Compliance guidance and the RCRA Organic Air Emissions Standards guidance. Documents reviewed were from the following commercial facilities: DuPont, Grace Davidson W.R. Grace CO, Harley Davidson, Honeywell International, and Safety-Kleen. Prepared notice of deficiency comments related to compliance with regulatory requirements/decision documents and established policies, meeting performance objectives, and technical feasibility. Served as primary instructor and lead developer for six web-based training courses addressing RCRA Permitting, Compliance and Corrective Action Requirements, and Environmental Management Systems. These courses are currently hosted on one of EPA’s learning management websites (www.ertpvu.org). Also provided support for related technical meetings and public outreach efforts.