Expert Review of Air Quality Emissions Reports – Implementation of a proposed New Central Heating Plant

Expertise: Air QualityIndustry: Academic

Plainfield, VT

Exhaust from a heat stack

Implementation of a wood fired boiler and back-up oil fired boiler – Goddard College

CHANGE Environmental, LLC was contracted to serve as air quality experts in reviewing a series of air quality emissions reports provided to Goddard College pertaining to the implementation of a proposed new central heating plant, to be comprised of a new wood fired boiler and back-up oil fired boiler. CHANGE Reviewed three memorandums titled, “New Biomass Plant Air Quality Study”-march 2011, a revised report “New Biomass Plant Air Quality Study revised Design”-July 2011 and a letter describing the proposed wood boiler at Goddard College and potential impacts on Air quality and nuisance emissions for conformance with Act 250 under Criteria 1 and 8. All memorandums were prepared by John Hinckly, Senior Consultant, Resource Systems Group, Inc.

After review CHANGE advised on their concerns. Under Normal Operating Conditions a modern wood boiler reduce the amount of pollutant emissions once the unit reaches this point with the proper flow of fuel, high combustion temperature, and additional control of particular matter. However, documentation does not address potentially high levels of emissions that can result from startup and shut down periods. Electrostatic precipitators, [ESP] were recommended which are to be considered a best available to control technology [BACT] and to control particular matter emissions.