Gull Bay Road Helipad Preliminary Sound Impact study

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Putnam Station, NY

Helicopter on helipad

A preliminary sound Impact Study was completed for the proposed Gull Bay Rd. Helipad located in Putnam Station, NY. CHANGE Environmental, LLC completed a preliminary acoustic assessment of the helipad. The review included noise projections to a nearby residence, during times when the helicopters was sitting on the helipad.

Preliminary Acoustic Assessments were evaluated using A-weighted Sound Pressure Level (dBA). A weighted sound levels provide excellent correlation to the human response to noise at low to moderate sound levels. The A-weighting network approximates the sensitivity to the human ear at moderate sound levels be de-emphasizing high and low frequencies because the ear is less sensitive to these ranges.

The Environmental noise study was conducted in accordance with the regulations set forth by the New York State Department of Conservation (NYSDEC’s), Program Policy of Assessing Mitigation Noise Impacts, Environmental Conservation’s Program Policy DEP-00-1 Assessing and Mitigating Noise impacts dated 2001. Providing guidance regarding thresholds for significant sound pressure level (SPL) increase. To determine anticipated noise levels at the nearest residence an acoustic modeling software CadnaA was used to assess acoustic losses due to distance, topography, shielding and reflecting from intervening structures as well as ground absorption. The model was created focusing on topography of the area, as the helipad is at a higher elevation than the residence. The model was created with and without trees between the helipad and residence as the location is mostly wooded. This was done to simulate noise levels more similar to the time of use in season with or without foliage.

It was concluded based on the proposed frequency and time of use, and projected noise impact from the use of the heliport, Cerami’s preliminary findings do not suggest significant noise exposure to the nearest residence due to the use of helipad.