PCB Soil Data Evaluation and Background support of PCB Fingerprinting Analysis

Industry: Environmental

Syracuse NY

Technician doing soil test

CHANGE Environmental, LLC was retained for an evaluation of available polychlorinated biphenyl (PCB) soil data, review available Phase 1 Environmental Site Assessments and other reports to identify data gaps, determine the viability of existing PCB date and outline potential sampling and analysis plan (SAP) to validate existing PCB soil data and identify the sources(s) of PCBs in soil. According to information provided by AECC Group, the area of concern was a farm located in Syracuse, NY with heavy industry and residential land use nearby.

An evaluation of data provided was on; site map- identification of types and where samples were collected on site, analytical reports for aroclor/congener analysis, identification of the hot spots, information on environmental investigations on adjacent properties, historical site investigation reports, physical soil data for hot spots vs. other site soils including total organic carbon, grain size distribution, soil description and any available boring logs and identifying other potential sources of PCB contamination around the site, including know Superfund Sites, contaminated rivers, other major industries/companies and landfills in vicinity of site.

CHANGE assessed usability of current data: reviewed aroclor and /or congener data reports to assess of the currently available data were generally sufficient quality for project use. Suggestions were given based on any outlined Data gaps from the information that was provided.