Safe Routes to School National Partnership

Expertise: Air QualityIndustry: NPO/NGO

Washington, DC, United States

Safe Routes to School and Traffic Pollution

Contracted to develop a first ever resource guide on Safe Routes to School (SRTS) and air quality targeted to the audiences of Safe Routes to School practitioners, school leaders and local government staff and policy makers.  The purpose of the guide was four-fold:

  • To examine the air quality issues related to traffic (particularly ultrafine particles and other traffic-related air contaminants) and the research about the impact on human health, in a way that is easily understood by a non-scientist audience;
  • To explore policies and program elements that can reduce exposure to traffic pollution that can be applied to Safe Routes to School initiatives;
  • To share examples (from within the United States or other countries) of successful implementation of policies that could be applied to Safe Routes to School initiatives; and
  • Overall, to equip practitioners and local governments with the knowledge they need to create and implement bicycling and walking programs and infrastructure that increase physical activity while also mitigating exposure to unhealthy air.