Thai Rayon Co. Air Quality Assessment

Expertise: Air QualityIndustry: Manufacturing


CHANGE Environmental, LLC conducted a Carbon Disulfide (C2S), Sulfuric Acid (H2SO4) and Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) Assessment at Thai Rayon Co. Ltd Plant-Thailand. Thai Rayon Co. Ltd is a leading sustainability and highly respected company focused on manmade cellulosic fiber (MMCF) and have been recognized for their great achievements by being awarded the European Best Available Technology Certification, (EU BAT) and various other sustainability certifications

CHANGE conducted modeling and monitoring for ambient odor air impacts for C2S, H2SO4, and H2S that included details on the nearby community and sampling locations within the facility, strategically placed for full representation of air quality monitoring. CHANGE carried out a detailed and refined air quality dispersion analysis using US EPA models using American Meteorological Society/Environmental Protection Agency Regulatory Model (AERMOD). Inputs were created along with available data to effectively provide predicted concentrations of H2S, H2SO4, and C2S in downwind areas.

A multi-year wind speed and direction analysis, local and international weather data was used. A multi- year assessment was conducted to understand regional air shed information such as determination of predominant down wind and upwind locations. This was critical for assessment of impact zones and placement of monitoring equipment for full representation of downwind concentrations, upwind, and background.

CHANGE gathered detailed background on the facility while on site in Thailand. (e.g., location, operations, general process, emissions point (both potential fugitive and stack emissions, plant layout, stack heights, regulations.))

Overall, as described above, Thai Rayon Co. Ltd was interested in an ambient air quality assessment and impacts H2S, H2SO4, and CS2 measurements in Thailand that will include witness testimony to support the findings of the measurements carried out that all results included a fully comprehensive report was provided by CHANGE.