West Vail Pass Auxiliary Lanes Project

Expertise: Acoustics EngineeringIndustry: Government

Eagle County, CO

Conducted the noise, air quality, and greenhouse gas emissions assessments for the West Vail Pass Auxiliary Lanes Project in Eagle County, Colorado. The project proposes to add auxiliary lanes to Interstate 70 in both the eastbound and westbound directions between mile markers 180 and 190, over a total length of about 10 miles through mountainous terrain. The noise study consisted of identifying noise sensitive receptors, measuring ambient noise levels, modeling existing and future noise levels using FHWA’s Traffic Noise Model (TNM), identifying noise impacts, and recommending noise abatement and mitigation measures. The air quality report consisted of summarizing ambient air quality data and regulatory criteria, evaluating regional and local air quality impacts, analyzing construction impact and risk from toxic air contaminants, calculating GHG emissions, and recommending mitigation.