Westpark Communities Placer Ranch Proposal

Industry: Environmental

Lincoln, CA

Solid waste management

CHANGE Environmental, LLC was retained to provide expert environmental services related to the Western Placer Waste Management Authority (WPWMA) site. The intentions of this project were to develop an understanding of the WPWMA, its operations, and the surrounding landscape for the purpose of determining potential off-site impacts. For each off-site impact CHANGE developed a range of alternatives for mitigating these impacts with the understanding that development will continue to encroach on the WPWMA. The alternatives proposed included conceptual costs and timelines for implementation.

CHANGE provided expert advisement on solid waste disposal and experiences with past projects with solid waste disposal facilities. Specific interest was CHANGE’s experience with encroachment and off-site impact from solid waste activities. The scope of work was broken up into 5 tasks: Task 1-WPWMA Information review and Summary of current Site Understanding, Task-2 WPWMA Meteorological and Geographical Review and Summary of Conditions, Task-3 Technical Assessment, Critique, and Summary for Odotech Documents, Task 4-Additional Information and Data Recommendations, Task 5- Mitigation Measure Assessment and feasibility Comparison. The focus of this effort will be airborne impacts (e.g., odor, vapor, and dust).